The building in which our firm is located, at 415 N Main St., was originally constructed in 1930 as the passenger terminal for the P & N Railway. The following information about the Building was obtained from the Anderson County Museum:

Piedmont and Northern Passenger Depot

North Main Street at Tribble Street

In 1905, the Anderson Traction Company started trolley service in Anderson. Later they built an interurban line to Belton. By 1908, they were in bankruptcy, and were bought out by Duke’s Southern Power Company, later the name changed to Duke Power Company. Duke continued to operate the trolley system, but transferred the line to Belton to the Piedmont and Northern Railway. The Piedmont and Northern was suggested by William States Lee as a way of increasing power sales. Mr. Lee had earlier worked in Anderson with William Whitner in his early work with power generation and transmission.

With the line from Anderson to Belton in place, the P & N completed their main line from Greenwood to Spartanburg. Initially, the cars left the square and ran on the Anderson Traction tracks up Main to Greenville Street to between North Street and Boulevard to Belton. Later, the tracks were built beyond Greenville Street looping around town to a point at Murray Avenue and Tribble Street where the passenger station, a freight station, and warehouses were constructed.

After passenger service ended shortly after World War II, the building was used as a bus station. It was later remodeled for office space.

This is a map of the P & N train track and other facilities in Anderson. The “P & N Passenger Station” is now the site of Jones Law Firm.

P & N Railroad station


The town of Anderson, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Moutains, is the site of a number of large textile mills, and one of the big traffic generating centers on the P&N. The region is also an important agricultural center, and the synthetic-fibre production end of the textile industry growing here. Several spur tracks serve the mills and there was a yard and two stations at one time. (RIGHT) The passenger station, which coach No. 2105 is approaching, was two stories high in the back where the trains terminated. The upper floor opened onto Main Street and appeared to be only one story from the street. - Donald Duke Collection

P & N Railway Map

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