Eminent Domain / Condemnation

Our firm regularly helps landowners receive just compensation when their property is taken from them by the government or other parties, such as utilities, which have the power of eminent domain. We have also represented parties in challenges to the right of the government or private party to condemn, in appropriate cases.

The terms “condemnation” or “eminent domain” refers to the state's power to appropriate private property for a public use. However, the constitutions of the United States and South Carolina provide that the owner of any condemned land is entitled to fair compensation for such a taking, usually defined as the fair market value of the property taken, plus damage to the value of any remaining property of the owner, which is not taken. Condemnation can apply to a complete taking of title to property, or to the taking of an easement or other interest, which allows the use of the property by the condemning authority.

Jones Law Firm can help you obtain compensation for the fair market value of the taking, including both the value of the property and the impact on the loss or disruption of a business operating from the condemned real estate.


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